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Other Cool Sites

This page shows a selection of other, mostly neocities sites, that I'd recommend you check out. People are very creative when it comes to web development, especially from bare HTML... (it's also alphabetically organized)
Happy 2022!
Web Address: Description:
10kb.neocities.org This site is all about 10kilobytes! They have a whole gallery on pieces of artwork that are under the 10kb limit, which I'd imagine is VERY difficult, and it shows their creativity. Pretty neat stuff.

2bit.neocities.org This site has a glorious monochrome aesthetic, and It's one of the most awesome sites I've seen on here so far. It's even got a super awesome chiptune theme!

clubnintendoarchives.neocities.org This site has a bunch of archival stuff on club Nintendo, a little subscription service Nintendo runs. But more specifically, it covers the 1980's and 1990's of club Nintendo, with a bunch of throwbacks and nostalgic stuff for you to look at, and admire!

geocities90s.neocities.org This site is all about the crazy and zany period of time on the internet, the mid-to-late 1990s. Whoever made it really knew what they were doing, with a little comedic exaggeration of course.


This page holds the many unseen moments in the development of Super Mario 64. there are screenshots galore in there, and even some promotional videos that never aired...

youthculture2000.com This page is all about the culture of the 2000s. they even made some cool promotional videos for their little site. They even have their own little forums, a staple in the 2000's internet era. They also created their own domain, despite it being run by neocities.

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