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Home - the welcome mat to my wonderful home on the web.

Comics - If you check in often, new comic strips will be uploaded, and you can even download them!

Music - the sub-pages of all of my favorite music to listen to.

Reviews - the collection of what I think about movies, tv-shows, and much more!

Journal - the collection of what I'm up to for me to look back on.

Other - stuff that doesn't really fit in anywhere else.

Website Created on:

February 8th, 2021.

Website Updated on:

August 1st, 2021.

 Welcome to my epic website on the world wide web! If you want to check out the stuff I've got to offer, just click on those hyperlinks on the left, next to the descriptions on each page!

Right now the site's under construction, so please bear with us if links don't direct to the right place, or just don't work at all. | 2021 |