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 Welcome to my website!

(Last updated on DD/MM/YY)

Hello! and welcome to my epic website! it's been though many renovations, and this is one of the first advanced sites i've ever fully designed, using fancy html tables for a sleeker and more complex design.

If you're interested in my site, look towards the top right of the site, and you will see the main subpages available for everyone to view! and if you look on the right, you will see categories of other infomation, such as the site journal, cool sities, and other stuff that did'nt quite fit in anywhere else. 

If you are new to neocities, I would suggest you join the growing community of people who are bringing the internet's confusing but charming astetics back to the internet.

if that sounds interesting to you, i would recommend visiting the following sites to get you started: - the free website hosting platform that strives in bringing the creativity and freedom back to the world wide web! - the free web-based visual html5 editor for easy html website building. - the offcial tutorials for building your website on neocities!

It's also recommended that before signing up for neocities, you read their terms and conditions to avoid getting into complications.

I'll be trying to update the site each week if i can do it, but if you are interested, stay tunned every now and then.

my micro bio

name: Theo

gender: male

site created: Febuary 8th, 2021.

site last updated: DD/MM/YY

site version: 

site journal

want to know the lastest about the site's updates?

May 5th, 2021.

The website should be up by this afternoon, ill just have to see. but i've done a huge overhaul with html tables to make it more modernized.

May 3rd, 2021.

I started working on my new website layout and its gonna take a while to perfect.

March 15th, 2021.

After my last failed attempt at getting the website fully revamped, I picked up where I left off and finnaly finished the big update to the whole website's astetic, groove, and the sorts. I'll think about those other pages in the morning.

March 14th 2021.

Addressing the website's overhaul was a mess. I am going to have to have a look at the code and perhaps redo it from scratch. luckily not much had to be redone, it was an easy fix. hopefully I can get it done before midnight.


cool sites

want to see what neocities can offer? just check out my personal recommendations below:




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